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To help you exercise safely at home, Vitality has changed the number of points you need to earn to achieve your weekly Vitality Active Rewards goal. Vitality id also offering discounts on select Vitality Active Rewards to help you stay healthy and entertained.

As we work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Vitality’s key principles have never been more relevant. Exercise if you’re well, eat healthy food, and take preventive measures, like washing your hands and staying home.

To make it easier for you to get active safely at home, Vitality have made changes to the Vitality Active Rewards program. We’re also offering discounts on some of our Vitality Active Rewards to make the time you spend at home more meaningful and relaxing.

Vitality Active Rewards maximum weekly goal drops to 300 points

Vitality have once again lowered the Vitality Active Rewards weekly goal from 700 to 300 Vitality points for all Vitality members. This means even though you can’t do gym workouts, parkruns and myruns right now, you can still hit your weekly goal in a number of ways. This enhancement will come into effect with your new goal cycle starting on 28 March.

Ways to earn your Vitality points

This means that if you track 10 000 steps a day on your smartphone, you can earn 100 Vitality points – the same as when you go to the gym. Do this every day for five days and you can easily achieve your goal.

You can also train at home and meet your exercise goals by using the latest technology such as a heart rate fitness device. Plus, join Johno’s eFitness Facility for daily streamed high-intensity workouts for the whole family.

Enjoy Vitality Active Rewards in the comfort of home

Enjoy great discounts on select Vitality Active Rewards online shopping and home entertainment rewards. You can now watch DStv BoxOffice movies for fewer Discovery Miles, and soon, you can get Netflix rewards and gaming vouchers.


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