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There has been talk of upgrades to King Shaka International Airport over the last few years as it will reach capacity within the next 5 years. Many people thought King Shaka International Airport would be a white elephant and it certainly  has proved them wrong.

Plans have been in the works to add some additional parking bays for larger aircraft. I won’t bore you with the details and technical stuff.

Basically they will be adding 2 additional aircraft stands for larger aircraft, mostly international flights, but which can accommodate small aircraft too. The 2 additional stands will be remote stands, so they won’t be connected to the airport in any way.

Here is the new masterplan for King Shaka International Airport.

King Shaka Airport Masterplan

The 2 new remote stands, to be named Foxtrot Apron. (4 were proposed)

King Shaka Airport
King Shaka Airport

In addition to the 2 new remote stands they will extend the Bravo Taxiway onto the runways

To read the full feasibility report Click Here