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Below is the pricing for the new Discovery Card through Discovery Bank

Alternatively you can find fees for:

Discovery Bank Full Suite Pricing

Discovery Bank Transactional Accounts Pricing

Pricing type: Pay per transaction

Discovery CardBlackPlatinumGold
Monthly fees
Monthly account feeR110R60R30
Vitality Money premiumR45R30R15
Transaction fees
Cash withdrawal at local ATMR4.50 + 1.5% of withdrawal amountR4.50 + 1.5% of withdrawal amountR4.50 + 1.5% of withdrawal amount
Cash withdrawal at local point-of-saleR2R2R2
Cash withdrawal at international ATMR65R65R65
Debit ordersR3.75R3.75R3.75
Digital paymentsR2.50R2.50R2.50
Real-time paymentsR10R10R10
Discovery PayR2.50R2.50R2.50
Other fees
Inter-account transfersFreeFreeFree
Payment notificationsFreeFreeFree
Own account notificationsFreeFreeFree
Returned debit orderFreeFreeFree
Declined transactionsFreeFreeFree
Single credit facility initiation feeR165R165R165
A single credit facility feeR30R30R30
Currency conversion fee2.75%2.75%2.75%
Card replacement feeR150R150R150

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