1. Becoming a Discovery Bank client

You’ll become a Discovery Bank client when you have completed your registration and application on the Discovery Bank app – and your new credit card is active. This includes using our unique biometric technology to capture your selfie. Your one-of-a-kind face also becomes your one-of-a-kind security identifier with Discovery Bank – keeping your information safer than ever before.

If you have a secondary cardholder, they will also need to register on the Discovery Bank app to create their unique security profile. As the primary card holder, you can initiate the process when you sign up on the app, or after joining, and invite your secondary card holder to register on the app. Their details are pre-set up on the app, so the process is quick and easy.

2. Your Discovery Bank card

We will deliver your new Discovery Bank card to you within three working days of signing up on the Discovery Bank app. You can expect a call from our card delivery company to confirm your delivery details – you can choose your residential address or another address. The courier will deliver to you (and no-one else) at this specified address.

You will choose your own card PIN when you sign up and will simply Unpause your card on the app when your card is delivered so that you can start using it. Unpausing your Discovery Bank card will trigger a transfer of your old Discovery Card balance to your new bank card. Old cards, including secondary cards will no longer work from this point onwards.

If you have booked travel with your old card, for example, car hire and accommodation or Big Concert tickets, don’t destroy your card as you may need to present the card when checking in or picking up the card.

With your Discovery Bank card, you will still get pre-access to buy tickets to shows and events 48 hours before anyone else.

If you have Discovery benefits linked to your Discovery Card, like a Discovery Life integrator or Apple Watch benefit, these will switch seamlessly to your new Discovery Bank card and you’ll continue to benefit from these offerings.

3. Online banking

Your online profile and use of the FNB website or FNB App will no longer be available for your Discovery Card.

The Discovery Bank app has been designed with hundreds of features, so you’ll have a bank branch in the palm of your hand. To ensure you have a slick process, make sure you know your Discovery username and password to register on the Discovery Bank app.

4. Making payments and beneficiaries

Please remember to move your monthly credit card debit order to fund your Discovery Bank credit card. You can set up this debit order either from your Discovery Bank transaction account or an external account. To do this, create a beneficiary as follows:

  • Name: Your name
  • Bank: Discovery Bank
  • Branch: 679000
  • Account number: Your 11 digital number on the front of your credit card (or on the app)
  • Type: Current Account/ Cheque Account   

Your new credit card comes with transaction capability that can be used to make and receive payments including debit orders from other institutions. If you need help setting up your debit orders, call our client contact centre on 0860 11 2265 for assistance. Please note, your debit orders will not transfer across automatically.

Please also remember to update payments linked to your current Discovery Card over to your new Discovery Bank account, this includes payments like DSTV, Apple Music, Netflix, UBER, iTunes etc. While we would like to help you through this process, as you initially set these up, this instruction must be initiated by you. This is an industry norm and is to prevent any misuse of your details.

5. Withdrawing and depositing money

You now have the choice of using any ATM and your fees (ranging from R0 to R5) are based on your banking product. You are also able to withdraw and deposit money at retailers that allow this, like Pick n Pay and Spar.

6. Communication and statements

Your monthly Discovery Bank statements, and other relevant communication will now be available in your Secure Inbox within the app for you to access at any time. You can set your communication preference to email or SMS on the app. Look out for our unique email domain (@discovery.bank) in your email inbox.

If you need to access your Discovery Card transaction history, (archived) Discovery Card statements, please phone the Discovery Card service centre on 0860 11 22 73.

Please note that there may be a slight discrepancy in the balance that reflects on your previous Discovery Card and new Discovery Bank statement. The discrepancy is due to a difference in FNB’s and our billing structure as well as the date when your Discovery Bank account was opened. We will reconcile the balance and reallocate any outstanding funds in your next statement.

7. Your Discovery Miles

You will continue to earn Discovery Miles when you spend on your current Discovery Card until you join Discovery Bank. You earn 1 mile for every R15 you spend on your Discovery Card. You can track your Discovery Miles balance on the Discovery app, or website.

Once you join Discovery Bank, we will carry across your Discovery Miles balance so that you can continue to spend them online, instore or on your next flight. You will now be able to track this Discovery Miles balance on the Discovery Bank app.

As a Discovery Bank client, you will earn Discovery Miles based on your Discovery Bank credit card spend. These will accumulate separately on the Discovery Bank app and you’ll be able to spend them from September 2019 in even bigger, better ways. You’ll earn 1 mile for every R15 that you spend on your Discovery Black Card, or R20 on your Discovery Platinum or Gold Card.

8. Benefits linked to your Discovery credit card

If you have Discovery benefits linked to your Discovery Card, like a Discovery Life integrator or Apple Watch benefit, these will switch seamlessly to your new Discovery Bank card and you’ll continue to benefit from these offerings.

9. Your Vitality rewards

As a Discovery Card holder with Vitality you will enjoy boosted Vitality rewards with Discovery Bank. Your cashbacks will now be paid into your Vitality Savings Account which is automatically set up when you join Discovery Bank. You can spend this money anytime, or watch it grow and build up your saving. Read more on your Discovery Bank rewards.

Please take note of some of the changes to your current Vitality rewards:

  • Your HealthyFood benefitYou will need a new HealthyFood benefit card when you have moved across to Discovery Bank. This card will be delivered to you with your new Discovery credit card.Go online to link this card to your profile.To earn HealthyFood cash back at Woolworths, present your Woolworths loyalty card at the till before the cashier rings up your purchases and pay with your Discovery Bank card. 
  • Travel rewardsYour travel rewards cash back will change and you will now earn up to 15% cash back when you book with our Dream Destination travel partners: Contiki, Royal Caribbean International and World Leisure Holidays. Your cash back is based on your Vitality Money status, Discovery Bank account type and your qualifying Discovery credit card spend at the time of your first payment. Please note, your cash back is no longer based on your Vitality Health status and you can book for anyone on your secondary Discovery Bank account. You can still use your Discovery Miles to pay towards your holiday.
  • UberYou will now get up to 20% cash back on your Uber trips based on your Vitality Money status, Discovery Bank account type and your qualifying Discovery credit card spend.
  • Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch Once you move over to Discovery Bank, your current Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch benefit will be linked to your Discovery Bank account. You will be billed a week later than normal, and if this is unsuccessful you will be billed twice in the following month.
  • Your gym membershipYou can choose to boost your current Vitality gym benefit with Discovery Bank to get up to 100% cash back on your monthly gym fees based on your Vitality status, number of visits to the gym and Vitality Money status. By boosting your Vitality gym benefit, you will no longer receive an upfront monthly saving, but rather a cash back payment into your Vitality Savings Account.

10. Get in touch, or report fraud

Once you sign up on the Discovery Bank app, you’ll be able to do everything on the app like customise your cards, accounts and limits and start transacting immediately. If you do want to speak to anyone though, our service team are ready to assist you:

If you a question about your old Discovery Card, please contact this service team:

We have set up state-of-the-art fraud detection systems, controls and processes. For assistance during office hours (8.00 to 17.00), please call us on 0860 11 22 65. For any fraud-related emergencies after hours call us on 011 324 4444.


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